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Jessica T.

Ashley Wren  became my Acupuncturist in early August, 2019 while she was doing her Fellowship at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She was the third fellow to treat me for an extended time period.  While the first two were smart and excellent, I experienced qualities in Ashley that the previous two practitioners did not have.  Needless to say, Ashley is smart and extremely technically proficient.  Her needling technique is excellent (i.e., needle insertion is smooth, gentle and does not hurt unless I am extremely sensitive at a certain point on a certain day).  She is also kind and caring.
The thing that sets Ashley apart from the others is her intuitiveness.  In addition to intellectually analyzing what I need on a certain day, she also goes into what looks like a “mini trance” and comes up with other ideas from this other part of her being…the part that connects with me.  I feel her feeling me.
While Ashley has treated me for many things, the most creative and valuable thing she did was ascertain that my parasympathetic nervous system needed stimulation for me to calm down, ground and get well.  Ashley’s treatments taught my body to turn on my parasympathetic nervous system and let it do its job and turn down/off my sympathetic nervous system when that system was not needed.  The previous Acupuncturists merely encouraged my sympathetic nervous system to not be so active; however, that does not really work if the parasympathetic nervous system does not take charge…one or the other has to be active and in my case, I’ve been under so much stress for so many decades that I think I forgot how to turn on my parasympathetic nervous system myself and this is what Ashley recognized that the other two practitioners did not recognize.
Thank you for reading this long testimonial.  I really believe in her.  She has done so much to get me well and I hope you give her the opportunity to treat you.  You won’t be sorry.
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